The art of bunny making


Captain America Baby Costume


I crocheted this for my friends’ baby boy born on Father’s Day of this year. Of course, I made slight modifications to the patterns but I would have never been able to do this if not for these awesome people. Hope you like it!

This was accomplished with the use of the Captain America beanie mask pattern by Butterfly’s Craft Creations.

The diaper cover was created with the use of Busting Stitches free pattern but with the shield pattern from the link above darned on the butt instead of spots.

You can thank the amazing Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me for the free baby boot bootie patternthat helped me create these cuffed booties.
Thank you Repeat Crafter Me, Busting Stitches, and Butterfly’s Craft Creations for the patterns used to create this adorable heroic costume!

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Rolo and Roxy

Meet Rolo and Roxy, my friends are the true masters of these lively furry bundles of joy but I wanted to surprise her with woolly versions.Crochet Rolo and Roxy Best friends 1They are couple of characters who love nothing more than playing together in the garden, that is when they are not on work duty with their Dad in the van.

RoxyRoxy obviously loves the camera but you can just make out Rolo in the background.

Edwards Menagerie Jack Russel Rolo Edwards Menagerie Jack Russell RoxyI know that many of you will recognise the pattern as one from the Kerry Lord collection in the wonderful book titled Edwards Menagerie. I have made quite a few of the animals now and can highly recommend this book. The patterns are very easy and quick to work up and each completed animal is a delight. I can’t wait till September when Kerry’s next  book of bird patterns Edwards Menagerie Birds is being released, judging by the cover it looks…

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Minecraft Obsession

Crafty Ridge Designs

15 - 1 (3) Creeper Square by Crafty Ridge. The first square of my Minecraft Graphghan

My youngest, like so many other kids out there, is obsessed with Minecraft! This year we went a little overboard and built our two boys gaming computers. They love to play and would do so from morning until night if we allowed it. So this year we decided Christmas and Birthdays are going to be minimal. I have been looking through patterns, scouring through Tumblr and Pinterest and I finally figured out what I am going to make for the youngest. I have decided to create a Personalized Minecraft Graphghan! Problem one….I had no clue what character to pick, so I picked a few and I have decided to graph them all out, hook them up individually and share them with all of you as I create this fun piece for my Minecraft addict.

This is the beginning…

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Upcycled crochet

Buttercup and Bee

This week, two bloggers that I follow have posted items made from vintage fabrics. This adorable cushion by Bernadette and these amazing, crocheted rugs made by Moji-Moji Design. Both posts inspired me to share my upcycled crochet rugs that I made a little while back.


The first was made from curtain material using a simple doily pattern and a 20mm hook!! I can’t find the pattern anywhere, sorry. I tore the curtain into long strips (using the same method as Moji-Moji). They were quite wide (with hindsight I would tear narrower ones and use a smaller hook, as the 20mm hook was heavy going!). The centre of this rug is actually deep purple with a denim border but for some reason I could not get the colours to show up.


The second rug was made from my youngest boys’ t-shirts. I used a rotary cutter and cut loop from the armpit down and then linked…

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Dragon? Dinosaur? Godzilla? …It’s Cute Though!

I was totally planning to take over the world in 2015, but that requires wearing pants, so I’ve decided to populate my blogs more and learn to crochet. Don’t make that face. These are noble quests.


Hey guys! I’m not late for this week’s update, so yay me!
But still, I barely made it XD I was going to update this morning, but I forgot! I thought I’d update this afternoon, but I had to go somewhere….
Oh well, at least I got to update, right?

Oh yeah I remember one of the main reasons that I forgot to update this morning is because bugs starts to appear out of nowhere in my house! and the worst part is my house only consists of 4 rooms (which is a very small house I know) and i was home alone! it was terrible. And by bugs, I mean cockroaches and scorpions! Just yesterday I stepped on a roach. Luckily I somehow didn’t squash it to death so those gross things and worms didn’t stain my feet nor floor (but still, I made a ruckus in the middle…

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