Dragon? Dinosaur? Godzilla? …It’s Cute Though!

I was totally planning to take over the world in 2015, but that requires wearing pants, so I’ve decided to populate my blogs more and learn to crochet. Don’t make that face. These are noble quests.


Hey guys! I’m not late for this week’s update, so yay me!
But still, I barely made it XD I was going to update this morning, but I forgot! I thought I’d update this afternoon, but I had to go somewhere….
Oh well, at least I got to update, right?

Oh yeah I remember one of the main reasons that I forgot to update this morning is because bugs starts to appear out of nowhere in my house! and the worst part is my house only consists of 4 rooms (which is a very small house I know) and i was home alone! it was terrible. And by bugs, I mean cockroaches and scorpions! Just yesterday I stepped on a roach. Luckily I somehow didn’t squash it to death so those gross things and worms didn’t stain my feet nor floor (but still, I made a ruckus in the middle…

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