Sci-Fi Spectacular at the Portage, March 9




Movieside Presents: SCI-FI SPECTACULAR 7

Special Guest: FRANK HENENLOTTER (dir. of Basket Case, Brain Damage, Frankenhooker)!

24 hours of Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy Movie Madness!

March 9, 2013

Portage Theater
4050 N. Milwaukee Ave.,
Chicago, IL  60641

Doors Open at 11am

Current Film Line-Up:

ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES (Roger Corman Creatures!)
THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (Vincent Price Classic!)
MATINEE (Joe Dante!)
THE DARK CRYSTAL (80’s Awesomeness!)
SILENT RUNNING (Rare 70’s Stunner!)
SOYLENT GREEN (Heston Hysteria!)
BRAIN DAMAGE (with director FRANK HENENLOTTER in Person!)
IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (Carpenter Craziness!)
SHOCK WAVES (Nazi Zombies!)
BATTLE ROYALE (Teenage Terrors!)
CAMERA (Rare David Cronenberg Short!)

more features to follow. Short films include:

Dead-ish by Nate Mack
Cheery Point- (Trailer) A Film by Versa Studios Media.
Platoon of Power Squadron (Trailer) by Jake Jarvi
Godzilla: Battle Royale (Fan Trailer) by Billy DuBose
Roger Corman 1 min. 50’s Trailer Competition entries include:
The Day The Earth Spun – by Ryan Oliver
MAN-VASION – by Jessica Christopher
The Monster Between Us- by Jen Lemasters & Dane Kissel
The Gamma Ray Man – by Jason Coffman
Earth Landing of the Space Cocks – by Matt Storc
The Thing That Should Not Be – by Dustin Moravick
Screams on Planet Zero – by David Schmidt
Attack of the Cosmic Frank-Einstein from Haunted
Space and the Moon – by
The Boogler – by Tahm Orr
The Bogman From Boise – by Henry Kurtzman
Attack of the Killer Toilet – by David Bradburn
Teenage Gargoyle From Alaska – by Frank Berman
I Was a Legal Age Creationist Cave Babe – by Joe Meils
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by Reber Clark
Werewolves on the Moon! by Kevin Cole
Nightmare at 20,000 Fathoms by Red Clark

For more info:

Tickets are $20 pre-sale ’til January Saturday 26th,
$25 pre-sale ’til March 8, Friday.
$28 at the door, day of show of show.

Pre-sale tickets:

PLUS: Vintage Trailers, Dealer Tables, Charity Auction
for Vital Bridges ( and more!

Free Parking in the Sears Lot Around The Corner. Films, times and guests subject to change.


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