All things come back to the beginning.

Only another geek will understand why I’m so freakin’ EXCITED right now. It’s beginning. It’s actually beginning and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

My love affair with geekery actually began with “The Hobbit.” When I was a kid, my mother only let me go two places on my own: school and the library. Naturally, I looked for every possible opportunity to go to the library. My neighborhood library was a crappy storefront, roughly the size of CD section at the Harold Washington Library, but it was my whole wide world.

In that rinkydink library I learned about freedom. I opened books and went places. “The Hobbit” was my first trip to Middle Earth, and my gateway drug to geekery.

Reading “The Hobbit” taught me that someone small and insignificant and afraid could be greater than even their own expectations. I learned about wizards and elves and hobbits and trolls and riddles in the dark. I wanted a hobbit hole all my own. A place that meant comfort.

I strayed and experimented as I grew up and met every kind of geek imaginable but “The Hobbit” was my first love. You never forget your first geeky experience. When the Trilogy was in theaters, I was in HOG HEAVEN. I easily paid 50 bucks per film to see them on the big screen, not including popcorn. When the final movie debuted, I went to a marathon 12-hour viewing of all three movies back to back. We drove to Springfield because the theaters in Chicago were all sold out. I woke up at six a.m. on a Saturday and didn’t get home until 6 a.m. the following day, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The chance to see “The Hobbit” feels like another shot at the global madness that I loved. I have friends in Switzerland, Australia, the UK and every corner of my country because of Ringer fandom and I’m really looking forward to this next year, so I can make even more friends.

Geekery isn’t a simple matter of showing up to the theater (granted, multiple times) and discussing it online after. There’s a whole period of anticipation that builds to a mad shrieking midnight crescendo of joyous geekery. With the showing of the first trailer, it has begun. I got the link from a Facebook friend and posted it to my own Facebook and wanted to make a point of posting it here to share with you. I’m way over the moon for this.

I can’t wait to see the costumes the people make, I can’t wait to taste the food they cook and the stories they tell and the fanvideos and the music and all the ways geeks celebrate what they love. I just can’t wait and I’m just so grateful that Peter Jackson wanted to move the franchise forward.


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