Baconfest 2012 VIP Tickets are now on sale

(Courtesy Today at 12:00 PM Baconfest Chicago will release a limited number of VIP tickets for April 14th, 2012. We won’t announce the sale to the general public until later in the day, so you get first crack at these tickets.

Here are the details:
Cost: $150.00 per ticket. For the third straight year, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository- our favorite local anti-hunger organization.

A note on the schedule and format for Baconfest Chicago 2012 – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY so you know what you are signing up for:
Inspired by guest and chef feed-back from last year, and the OVERWHELMING interest from chefs/restaurants in joining us on April 14th, this year’s Baconfest Chicago will be divided into TWO exhibition sessions, a Lunch Shift and a Dinner Shift. Each shift will feature a “VIP Hour” prior to the 2.5 hour “General Admission” period.

Each $150.00 VIP Ticket includes:
Entry to the Baconfest Chicago Chef Expo one hour prior to the general admission crowd for the shift for which it was purchased – all the bacon dishes and beverages you can handle before the crowds descend. Mingle with press, bloggers, judges and other VIPs and enjoy access to the chefs and their dishes in the quiet of the pre-game environment. We will sell no more than 150 VIP tickets total per session.

You may choose one of the two session times below:
The VIP Hour for the Lunch Session will be between 11:30am and 12:30pm – and your ticket is valid until 3pm.
The VIP Hour for the Dinner Session will be between 5:30pm and 6:30pm – and your ticket is valid until 9pm.
We anticipate between 45-55 exhibiting chefs in attendance for each session, plus vendors and liquor sponsors.
If you wish to attend BOTH sessions as a VIP (i.e. the entire day), you must purchase separate VIP tickets for each session. Do this at your own risk, and we will NOT call you an ambulance.

WARNING: This VIP offer is for die-hard Baconfest Chicago Fans only. REPEAT, we have not finalized the chef line-up yet. There are absolutely no promises as to who the exhibiting chefs will be and we do not yet know who will be exhibiting at each session.

To purchase tickets go to


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