Welcome to Chicagofandom.com

I’m dusting the cobwebs off this thing and really giving it a proper go. My long-time “I really need to do that” is finally getting done. Chicagofandom.com is semi-officially open for business. For the longest time I wondered “Why are the suburban geeks having all the fun? This is a bigass city. Where are the city geeks?”

So I looked around, and found them. I want to introduce them to you. There are Browncoats, Jedi, zombies, makers, cosplayers, goths, cybergoths, steampunks, furries and every fanboy/girl/other inbetween. This blog will celebrate them and the stuff they love.

By and large, I’m keeping to the city limits. I’m the chief cook and robot polisher for this here air tub and even a Foxy Cleopatra such as myself gets spread a bit thin. I’ll certainly make some key exceptions like Bristol and Anime Central, but I reserve the right to favor the city. it’s my city. I love me some city.

I’ve also gotten some slightly-less-janky email addresses to really streamline things: calendar@gmail.com, if you want to tell me about the goings on in Sweet Home Chicago or trudy@chicagofandom.com because it makes me feel fancy. I’ll keep chicagofandom@gmail.com, because it will take several lifetimes to move all that information and I got other stuff to do.

I’ve also added some new pages: Airship Von Groovy and Calendar.”Airship Von Groovy” is my own personal corner of the groovy steampunk world and, dang it, if all the powergeeks are getting themselves an imaginary airship, why oh why can’t I? I’m mad for the subculture and proud to call myself a part of it. It’s this random and loose affiliation of burlesque artists, musicians, visual artists, crafters, tinkerers and just about the most amazing people you will ever meet in fandom. I want to be a part of the group that tells the truth of the subculture. Here’s my truth du jour: it’s not a fad, it’s not some jacked-up outfit you buy at Hot Topic. It’s a subculture.

No true freak lacks a flag. Steampunk is mine. I’ll post random steampunkery happening in the city, things I’m making and selling and general random ravings on the “Airship”.

“Calendar” is just that, a calendar. There is a veritable crap ton of geeky things going on in the city, and I thought it would be best if I corralled as many of them as I could to one master calendar. I look forward to cramming that thing to capacity.

If the Aztecs are wrong 2012 should be pretty epic for geeks in Chicago. I’m going to stick my nose into as much of it as I can. Wish me luck on this here journey, quest, thing.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Chicagofandom.com

  1. Hi Trudy! I love the calendar idea. Are you only looking to add things happening in the city or can other things from the nearby suburbs be added? I have a bunch of dates for things that I’d like to send you.

    • There is a crap ton of stuff going on in Illinois and I’m really trying to keep it as Chicago-based as possible. Conventions and Bristol are the exception but not smaller suburban events.

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