Johnathan Coulton at the Park West

The Park West was packed to absolute capacity Friday night, April 22, for what I’m sure is one of Johnathan Coulton’s rare appearances at Chicago.Paul and Storm were, you guessed it, the opening band. They rocked it as per usual:

It was a semi-drastic departure from his usual “all acoustic” show. He did play most of the stuff he was famous for: “Skullcrusher Mountain,” “Re: Your Brains,” “Code Monkey,” and others, but he did make a point of playing works from his upcoming, as yet unnamed album. I’m not a real hardcore music geek, or a superfan of his work, frankly, but I do like him. As a casual listener I had a really good time, wondered why the drums were miked up when it was a large set played by a large dude, and sang along wiith the stuff I recognized.

I’m using this much better recording of an acoustic version of “I Feel Fantastic” because it’s better and the Park West rendition was kinda deafening. Overall it was a fun night and I am now the proud owner of a “Skullcrusher Mountain” T-shirt to add to my collection.


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