The 16-odd months leading to Chicon 7 should be epic in their own right

Okay. I know I haven’t done much with this blog, and I know I tend to loiter a bit more than I should on Facebook, but I’ve tentatively mended my ways.

I really want to cover all the things that happen in fandom as objectively as possible, and that’s not entirely possible when you’re heavily invested in stuff. I think, going forward, I should probably be a bit more detached and keep more of a weather eye on the big picture. There is a veritable crapload of geeky things to do in my city without actually setting foot in a stadium or a douchy bar.

I think it’s high time those things get the representation they deserve. I’ll try to err on the side of “Metropolitan Chicago” when talking about “Chicagoland” things, but when you talk about the convention circuit, you’re talking “Chicagoland”.

There are many scenes in the Chicago area, but none growing more in popularity than steampunk. They distinguish themselves from other fandoms because of their unabashed neovictorian asthetic and their comfort among club culture. I’ll definitely post more things about them. There are gamers, trekkers, costumers, historians, goths, goth lolis, Steampunks, Klingons, Furries, readers, writers, makers and every shade inbetween.

I want to see all these things. Get glimpses of the hundreds of geeky tribes that inhabit my city and the outlying suburbs. It should be fun. Know this about me sweeties: if it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.

And finally, I want to spread the word that the world is coming to Chicago in 2012. Chicon 7 is coming and it should be pretty epic. I wanna make like Martha Jones and walk through my city and make sure they know something epic in geekdom will be happening and they should come.

I’m feeling positively productive right now. Go team me.


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