…if it takes selling a kidney

this internet homelessness thing is BOOTY (throwback from teen slang that rears it’s ugly head in times of great distress)

I need my ‘net in my casa. when Bessie, by dearly departed ten year old computer joined the choir invisible I was seriously bereft. We need a new compie precious. We needs it…like the precious.

wanna fire up my computer morningish, get me email, go to work, get online, leave it on, answer IMS, send PDFS and be the full fledged netizen I’m accustomed to being AT HOME.

Before dot com jobs all faw down go boom I did everything on line. EVERYTHING, mate. I was that happy hermit that telecommuted, ordered groceries on peapod and had the world bring me stuff to my doorstep. I only wibble like this like four times a year and last year I only did it twice, but criminy, I miss my internet life. I miss my computer, I miss the cute little way they overpaid me for stuff I would do for free. oh GAWDESS how I miss it.

okay, pity party over. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t whine here.

peace and chicken grease to all my freaky darlings.


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