running out of internet time

scattershot posting

Brisingr: Inheritance Book 3 will be coming out in september. this is the next in the ever growing Paolini “Eragon” franchise. The first time I read Eragon I thought “this reads like a 15 year old warming over Tolkien.” Lo and behold it was. The mediocre book led to a mediocre movie and I hope that he gets better with age.

I know crankybolt would love this.

oooh raygunny

steampunk parenting. I love his wee fauxhawk..n’awww.

Steamy goodness from stumbleupon. show of hands…who wants a steamy converted schoolbus. for the cost of a high end crapcar…

Here’s how ya get the bus done

gotta go dashing through the snow.

fare well wherever you fare my freaky darlings.


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