Possible source for watch parts in chicago..but ya gotta earn it.

Okay, I’m posting this primarily because it’s colder than a witch’s coldest extremity,but if you’re adventurous nordic stock that laughs when the temps drop below zero (I am a desert creature), have at it.
There’s a short stretch of buildings on Wabash downtown called Jeweler’s row. They cater to the “bling bling” crowd, but there are a few old school watch makers still left. Your mission, should you decide to take it, is to track the buggers down. I’m sure some of them have old watch parts that they wouldn’t mind parting with for cheapy cheap.


now the internet meandering…


squidoo has a lovely thing called Artist’s Freebies.

fan template

victorian paperdoll, in dire need of the metropolis treatment

triptych card

printable charted skull. you’re welcome

XIV skull

skull cupcakes…Chyeah!

another skull chart

paper skull. super fun.

belt buckles,

an american expat in paris. that bitch stole my life. gr.


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