okay, who tipped over my marbles?

completely unable to focus right now. Thoughts racing like marbles across a wood floor:

anachronaut is wildly creative and beautiful and tall and just…guh.

“tombez la chemise” by Zebda just came up on my mp3 player. It was like the “Whoomp, there it is” of France, seven or so years ago. I don’t know why it cheers me, only that it does.

I need a gin and tonic like the deserts need rain

work sucked the turgid manroot of the antichrist.

gonna scoop up me marbles, pop in “The governess,” figure out how I’m gonna get the magically delish costumes screencapped and post accordingly.

I NEED that reproduction victrola like Smeagol needs the precious.

what the HELL am I gonna wear to the Chicago Steampunk Meetup this month?

the marbles have rolled away. that is all.


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