Meetup Reading Group January 28

The Chicago Lord of the Rings Meetup

Frodo still lives!This group celebrates everything about the Lord of the Rings Universe (films and books.)this meetup was built by fans and the fans keep it.

Book Club – Discussion Group
Monday, January 28, 2008 at 7:00PM

Our LOTR Book Club continues with Book III… the first half of “The Two Towers” – from “The Departure of Boromir” to “The Palantir”.Good stuff!Come on out. We have lots of great fellowship and good discussion of the story.

See the full event details at

Check out what members are saying about The Chicago Lord of the Rings Meetup:

“Everyone seemed genuine and friendly!” – Patrick Hurley

“Good people, good times!” – Karl

“It was very nice meeting all of you and I am looking forward to do so in December.” – Katja

“Keep on rockin’ in the free world (thanks again, Aragorn!).” – Erin the Magnificent

“This group is moving in a fantastic Direction. We will build a shire in the city.” – Trudy


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