This is a CRAZY week for Chicago Fandom. soo much stuff

I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Tuesday night, July 10, The Buffy Meetup is having their anniversary Party Friday Night and Think Galactic is having their first convention this weekend. I think that should pretty darn amazing.

It’s weeks like this that really charge my batteries and make me not hate bookselling. Seriously. I should be all hyperlinky and “check this group out” like, but since Bessie, my beloved geriatric computer died, I’ve been rolling on internet cafes and free library time. Not a good look, but only temporary.

Okay, universe, it’s like this: Your girl needs a laptop. Wifi enabled, fast enough to view youtube and with a reasonably long lifespan. Free is awesome, cheap is a close second and a reasonable payment plan is less than ideal, but I’ll work with whatever the heck you put in my path.

fare well wherever you fare. Peace and chicken grease to whoever takes the time to gimme a read.

links to check out
(seriously, come check out galacticon. It’s gonna be pretty splendid and the only convention thats gonna be in the city limits and not just “chicagoland”)


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