Post-Trilogy update

Despite the unfortunate date (three days after Christmas, and a weekday to boot) an estimated 150 people showed up to the LOTR/Tolkien combined meetups first annual trilogy showing at the Music Box Theatre.

Brian beat the bushes as well, check out the review in time out Chicago

If you’ve never been there, you’re missing out. It’s one of the buried treasures of Chicago. It has a fake painted sky ceiling with twinkly lights and clouds that move and ornate wood carvings. It has a red velvet curtain and antique furniture in the lobby and all the gorgeous christmas decorations were still up.

I did Trilogy Tuesday when Return of the King first came out and I really missed that full fandom submersion. To be cheek to jowl with people who share your love of the films and can quote the film lines with the best of them is something I personally will never get enough of.

I think the most personally poignant moment came when I was getting up for my break after the first film and turned around to see Lorie945, one of my close Livejournal friends I hadn’t seen in AGES. Have you ever been so happy to see someone you can’t stop crying long enough to tell them so? That was me. My Lorie, hardcore hobbitlass she is, rode the bus and train to the theater in full Frodo attire. Furry feet and all. She was literally all the reasons I love ringer fandom, just calmly standing there, Christmas gift in hand. I looked at her, explaining her costume to kids in the lobby and thought “This is what I wanted. This is why I’m a fan.”

Sitting with my Meetup buddies, perving grimy Viggo (Well sanguinius didn’t but thanks for not eye-rolling) at every opportunity and discussing next steps made the day even more special. More special than Christmas, in a lot of ways. Losing my mother November 1 will torpedo the holidays for a while for me. The trilogy was sort of like a personal holiday. It was a day-trip to the Shire I desperately needed. Thank you all so very much.

Brian Andreotti, the film planner for the Music Box was actually pretty impressed with the turnout. He asked me “If I planned this on the weekend, would there be more people?” and, as calmly as I could muster, I told him “Hell yeah.”

During my whole “Find out who decides what gets shown at the Music Box and stalk them like a jilted girlfriend” campaign, we discussed possible dates for the event. January 3 (Tolkien’s Birthday) and September 22 (Bilbo’s Birthday) were options. Although he didn’t commit to a date he said “If September 22 falls on a weekend day, that’s a definite possibility.”

I checked the calendar. September 22, 2007 is a SATURDAY. Squee. Let the jilted girlfriend treatment re-commence.


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