How’s this for a reason to be thankful?

How’s this for a reason to be thankful?

The Music Box Theater
3733 N. Southport Ave
Chicago, IL

will present a marathon showing of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (!!!!!)

When: Thursday, December 28
Schedule is as follows:
1:20 p.m. : The Fellowship of the Ring (2001, 178 mins)
4:40 p.m. : The Two Towers (2002, 179 mins)
8:00 p.m. : The Return of the King (2003, 201 mins)

The tickets aren’t going to be sold in advance so we’ll have to queue early. I happened to pick up a copy of the Music Box Theatre’s schedule and got the good news. Unless there are any objections, I think THIS should be our December meetup. It hasn’t been posted to the website ( so you’ll need to call the theatre for details or to let the organizer know that Trudy thinks Brian Andreotti is the effin’ MAN!!!

After a year of crushing sadness this was just what the doctor ordered. more later!


Trudy Seabrook
chief entmaid
Shire in the City/Tolkien meetups


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