sorry for the lengthy disappearance

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Let me first sincerely apologize for disappearing suddenly without explanation. November 1 at 2:30 a.m., my mother succumbed to metastatic colon cancer after a lengthy and painful battle. She also left an estate without a will, a mountain of papers and a lot of items to sort out. I’m very nearly through it all but I’ll need the whole of November to get it all done. I promise to come back strong in December.

While we may have a regularly scheduled meeting for December, We should think of where we would like to have the January “Toast to the professor” on his birthday. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s January 3. We should also decide whether or not to have this as well as or instead of the regularly scheduled meeting.

For those of you who don’t know one another, I’m running both the Tolkien and Lord of the Rings Meetups. In 2007 we’ll have joint meetings so you can meet one another. No worries, both groups are driven largely by the books and want to discuss them so you should get along fine.

Check each other out and mingle:

Again, thank you for your understanding and look to the horizon December. I’ll be back at the turn of the tide.


Trudy Seabrook
chief entmaid
Shire in the City
Tolkien/Lord of the Rings joint meetups


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